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Choosing a web development company to create a presence for your business on the internet can be a difficult decision. There are many different web development companies currently offering design services, with varying degrees of quality and a wide range of prices. Below you will find our process of designing your website, which we hope you find useful. We feel that defining the customers goals and expectations is crucial to developing a successful website. As a result, all of our sites are designed from scratch, according to your feedback.

Step 1: Free Consultation

A free consultation with you will help determine what you will need for a quality website and the focus and goals you wish to achieve through your website. We will share ideas on layout and content and determine the best presentation of your business. We review any existing text, photos, logos, and other materials you have and would like to use. Based on our findings, we can make recommendations on what your website should include. We will discuss overall appearance, color scheme (if you have a preference), time frame for completion of the job, and any number of other relevant issues.

If you already have an existing website, it may not have had any changes made since it was completed. In this case, we can make recommendations for modifications and improvements.

Step 2: Free Quote

After the initial consultation, we will provide a detailed quote regarding the development of your website.

Step 3: Inital Design

We'll create a finished design template, showing the graphical elements with some abbreviated content, so you can see what your site will look like. This will allow you to test the navigation and content presentation of the site. This "client centered design process" allows for midcourse correction and design enhancement. Our clients are always happy with the final design because they were involved all along. Once a design meets your final approval, we’ll move on to the next step.

Step 4: Website Creation and Design

Now that we have a design that you meets your approval, we will create the entire site, adding in links, graphics and content. We'll keep you updated on our progress, and allow you to view the site on our servers while it's under development.

Step 5: Website Testing and Validation

At this stage we will test your site to make sure that all the links are working, and that the site is compatible with a variety of different browsers. This is an important step, as many search engines require your site to be compatible with different browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari) in order to be listed. Any online forms, shopping carts and databases are also checked for accuracy and performance.

Step 6: Launch Your Site

At this point your site is completed, and is ready to be uploaded to a web hosting company and viewed on the web. We offer hosting packages on our cloud based server cluster, or we can help you get your site up and running with whoever you choose for hosting.

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